You might say we had prospects “chomping at the bit” for the 34 Owens Drive facility. That’s the kind of activity we like to generate for any client, but especially for one we’ve been working with for nearly two decades, like Tony Fleishman. Tony’s company, Reeves International, manufactures high-quality toys including its premiere Breyer brand of model horses and accessories. As Tony’s business has changed, we’ve assisted him in matching his facility strategy accordingly.

With more of Reeve’s manufacturing moving overseas, consolidation of their two facilities just made sense. So we weren’t horsing around when we took on the assignment to sell the Owens Drive facility in Wayne, New Jersey. The 61,700 square-foot facility on 9 acres offers expansion opportunity to as much as 120,000 square feet, making it a highly desirable property. We were able to generate significant interest resulting in a number of prospective buyers. Shaf, a growing company that manufactures fine leather motorcycle riding gear, rode in with the best offer.

Because this definitely wasn’t our first rodeo, we were prepared to help Reeves with completing their consolidation project. We were able to assist them in identifying a 3PL to handle the distribution function that needed to be relocated from the Owens facility, with an added bonus that some of the displaced workers from the Reeves consolidation were hired. Reeves can now operate efficiently with its single Pequannock manufacturing facility supported by outsourced distribution.