47 Elizabeth Drive, Chester, NY47 Elizabeth Drive, Chester, NYBringing All the Pieces Together.

Amscan, Inc. knows a thing or two about throwing a good party. After all, they are largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of decorated party goods and party accessories in the world. But when it came time to consolidate multiple manufacturing and distribution locations in Orange County, New York, they called on Resource Realty to bring the right parties together to handle a complex deal.


The icing on the cake.

When the deal was done, Amscan had a newly constructed 900,000 square foot distribution center on a 50-acre site in Chester, NY. To get there, Resource Realty had assembled a team to put it all together. Utilizing our resources and relationships, we brought in engineering, construction and project management, competitive debt sources and experts in securing municipal approvals and securing state incentive programs.

If that wasn’t complex enough, Resource Realty orchestrated a sale leaseback of a 287,000 square foot corporate owned facility and renegotiated 250,000 square foot existing leases, which allowed Amscan to relocate all operations upon completion of the building without the financial burden of carrying unused manufacturing and warehouse facilities. Now that’s a deal worth celebrating.

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